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Come closer, look into my eyes and whisper something sweet in my ear! Take me to a date and make me feel special! If you will be mine, I will be yours for ever!

Description & Turn Offs

"Welcome to a sweet angel room, who’s ocean blue eyes sparkled like the starts in a twilight dark sky. I would describe myself as kindhearted, delicate, funny, and positive woman. I’m always here to share your deepest personal view and understand you, to make you smile and bright up your day. I’m what you would call a hopeless romantic and I won’t stop till I get it right."
"I don`t like negative people. Stay positive and focus on me so you can enjoy every minute spent in my room."

AlexaHerrera is a 27 years old female webcam performer who was last online 26/11/2020 22:13:10. Current status at Jasmin is: member_chat.

Current real time stats

In Jan 2021, AlexaHerrera's live cam statistics are as follows:
* Free chat time: 0 hours and 0 minutes;
* Member chat time: 0 hours and 0 minutes;
* Private chat time: 327 hours and 44 minutes.

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Public rating: 4.47 / 5.0
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