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I like doing as you say. Pleasing you, changing the tables, obeying you. I like to kneel in front of you and letting you order me around. Everyone has their reasons and their ways, I don’t ask, I do


Description & Turn Offs

"Master, I am here. Here for you, to serve you, to agree with your rage and submit to your will. This is the real me, it’s not a game. I am new in this world but someone made me realize I was made for making you happy. I am learning yet, but Master if you give me the opportunity I shall not deceive you. My head is always bowed, my eyes cry for your mercy, my lips are whispering what you would like "
"I am here to make you happy. In my room you are the Master. However, take your time with everything, take your time in discovering my aptitudes and my limits. Push them but don’t rush them. There are many things I am still learning about and it should be "

AlissiaChase is a 27 years old female webcam performer who was last online 04/10/2022 06:07:01. Current status at Jasmin is: offline.

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In Oct 2022, AlissiaChase's live cam statistics are as follows:
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* Private chat time: 1 hours and 7 minutes.

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