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My first contact is always very respectful, there is a space and a time for everything, respect is fundamental, when I am humiliating you, I am not disrespecting you, we are aware that we are playing.


Description & Turn Offs

"II am a boy Switch I like to experiment and so I can innovate with it and it seems that there are different skins and levels of pain. Submission does not imply masochism, they are two different things. One is the taste for giving up control, the orders, and the other has to do with the taste for pain."
"I've already wasted a lot of time of my life while discovering BDSM and while letting out my submission and my delivery is why I know that time lost we can't make up so we're going to have fun or better come and use me knowing that I'll thank you for that"

CBTFetishCum is a 20 years old male webcam performer who was last online 27/09/2021 14:55:05. Current status at Jasmin is: invalid.

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