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I like it when my Master is telling me I am doing a great job! I like to obey, whip my ass, tease him, and submit to him with all my personality. I love to bow when he snaps and show him my gratitude


Description & Turn Offs

"I am a very obedient, naughty, and all-time prepared for nasty things girl. I want to serve you, bring a smile on your face. My clothes all over your bedroom…We will hook up fast…I am the kind of girl you will pick up with a smile and a sex invitation. I like sex. It’s fun and it’s healthy… I like watermelon, smiling, hugging you, dancing close to you…and again, I like watermelon!"
"Unless you have my trust, you don't deserve my domination. Be good, be polite, be prepared, know your limits, push them if you can, don't forget your safe word. Make me happy!"

CarlaMinelli is a 34 years old female webcam performer who was last online 30/09/2022 06:36:01. Current status at Jasmin is: offline.

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In Sep 2022, CarlaMinelli's live cam statistics are as follows:
* Free chat time: 150 hours and 6 minutes;
* Member chat time: 8 hours and 41 minutes;
* Private chat time: 4 hours and 24 minutes.

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Oh boy you sure are one hot chica! Lets do this right now!

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