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I like singing, reading, I admire people who are dedicated to music, I like everything that has to do with physical appearance.


Description & Turn Offs

"I am a happy woman, sometimes a little shy, but with ease to express myself, listen and make new friends. I like punctuality and I am upset by disrespect or not being listened to when necessary."
"I do not like slander, lies, people who think they are superior, it bothers me that someone likes to offend or hurt people."

DanielaNagy is a 18 years old female webcam performer who was last online 31/07/2019 16:21:51. Current status at Jasmin is: offline.

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In Sep 2022, DanielaNagy's live cam statistics are as follows:
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why is Daniel a not on
Do you ever strip without going into private as it would probably get you more tokens

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