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I adore to steal glances from men devoured by the need of an guilty adventure. Adrenaline is what makes me tick. Passion is the guide I always have alongside me. Would you be the one to unfold all my

Description & Turn Offs

"I thought about this description and I came up with an idea - I just wanna intrigue you by being myself - I am the kind of girl next door with the devious smile and that dangerous look in the eyes. As you will see I am a tall girl with a great sense of humor and the need to dance a lot. I like to get the rebel inside me for a dirty dancing..."
"I am not the kind to dislike people or things. I like to discover their secrets, the mystery behind the story. Try to be polite and you’ll find me overly intrigued!"

HaleyPaige is a 27 years old female webcam performer who was last online 10/07/2020 02:50:08. Current status at Jasmin is: free_chat.

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In Jul 2020, HaleyPaige's live cam statistics are as follows:
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* Private chat time: hours and minutes.

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