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I simply adore when the man I am with knows how to spoil me right, without sharing me with no one else. Be the man I'm looking for, and your reward will be better than any thought from your dreams !

Description & Turn Offs

"I am that mysterious woman who gets really naughty when you're up for it, who comforts you when you're down, who always listen when you need to talk and who loves to share happiness. My ultimate goal is to give each other the best time!"
"Of course, guys who don't know how to talk to a lady and monologue guys, who ignore me while talking to them by writing and writing whatever their mind dictate :)"

JennaHarper is a 31 years old female webcam performer who was last online 07/08/2020 14:49:11. Current status at Jasmin is: free_chat.

Current real time stats

In Oct 2020, JennaHarper's live cam statistics are as follows:
* Free chat time: 484 hours and 0 minutes;
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