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I like sensitive, poet's soul men with a sense of humor a mile wide and love to make people smile. for sure i adore incredible lovers and freely give affection and intimacy. I love to to be yor Cleop


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"Really nice mature lady, always cheerful and full of life!. I enjoy spending time online, chatting, meeting nice and clever men here! I have a great interest in sexy chat, in making new friends and sexy fantasies. Well, i promise to keep an open mind :) I admit i am a little shy, but if i get to know u better i can be very wild :P"
"Rude people"

KarolinaOrient is a 35 years old female webcam performer who was last online 07/10/2022 21:52:01. Current status at Jasmin is: free_chat.

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In Oct 2022, KarolinaOrient's live cam statistics are as follows:
* Free chat time: 9 hours and 8 minutes;
* Member chat time: 6 hours and 23 minutes;
* Private chat time: 3 hours and 12 minutes.

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Public rating: 4.63 / 5.0
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