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I love leather and latex to start with. But what I like the most is when you are new because I can pervert you and mold you for my enjoyment, but my room is not just my room is your s too. So if you h


Description & Turn Offs

"Well well what do we have here? You better get ready for the experience of your life, and better get ready to get sticked to my room, im gonna make you feel confortable for very long time and dominate you so good that you wouldnt resist and stay here. Im Travis and I enjoy a lot to see you right in the eyes when I make you feel good, thats make me feel so empowered and I love it."
"I know this is a place to have fun, but this is my work too, so take it serious how I take it serious. I dont like getting late to places, I like to be on point, Im very perfeccionist with my work. I dont like to feel ignored, in fact I like to take all t"

TravisSaint is a 26 years old male webcam performer who was last online 07/05/2020 17:36:06. Current status at Jasmin is: offline.

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